Superhero Workout

Do you want to perform as well as a superhero? Then first you need to move and train like one!

"The StayFitAnywhere Superhero Workout" is a training program inspired by Chris Hemsworth's rigorous physical training for the movie, Thor. It's sure to get you in shape throughout the year and transform you into a fitness superhero in no time.

As Thor's weapons of choice are his body and his hammer, this workout will only use your body and a single dumbbell to represent his hammer.

Follow the rules of this workout for 3 training sessions a week and you will see noticeable improvements in strength, mobility, conditioning and posture.

Pike Arch x 10 reps, Towel Chest Openers x 5 reps, Towel Overhead Squats x 15 reps, Towel Lunge with Twist x 8 reps each side
Bridges - Glute Bridge x 10 reps, Side Bridge x 30 secs each side, Front Bridge x 30secs

Superset 1

  • Goblet Squat x 8 reps
  • Pushups x 8 reps

Superset 2

  • Split Squat w/ offset load x 8 reps each side
  • Hinged Row x 8 reps each side

Superset 3

  • Push Press x 8 reps each side
  • 1 leg deadlift x 8 reps each side

Rules of the Workout:

  1. 1. Consult a physician before taking part in this or any other physical activity.
  2. 2. Learn the exercises above, and if you feel pain when performing an exercise, stop.
  3. 3. Choose 2 of the 3 supersets for one training session then next time you train do a different pair. Example: SS1 and SS3 on Monday, SS2 and SS3 on Wednesday, and SS1 and SS2 on Friday. You now have 3 separate training sessions.
  4. 4. You have 10 minutes to complete as many rounds of a superset as "you" can. You are not in competition with anyone else, just yourself.
  5. 5. Choose a dumbbell that you could do 12 reps of the prescribed exercises.
  6. 6. Once you start a superset there is no stopping mid-set, so you must take adequate rest before starting a superset. If you can go through these supersets without taking a rest, then you didn't chose an appropriate weight.
  7. 7. As you improve your efficiency and performance, increase your weight!


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