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At StayFitAnywhere we have built an Online Training Centre in order to give you access to a professional trainer who will guide you towards achieving your specialized goal. We are currently living in the information age where we are constantly flooded with ads, emails, texts, and tweets. The area of health and fitness has filled the World Wide Web with an overwhelming amount of information making it hard to distinguish between great, good, and poor advice.

Your Building Blocks Online program will begin like our in person Building Blocks programs with an assessment. Depending on your situation we will do this assessment in person, on the phone, or using online video. It is during this assessment we will get to know you and what you would like to get out of your personalized training program. Your trainer will find out about your health story, training history, injuries, daily habits, and specific goals.

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By knowing about your past and where you want to go your trainer can use all of the great features of our Online Training Centre to prepare a training program that will get you what you want. Your custom training sessions will be delivered to you through our Online Training Centre. It doesn't matter where you are in the world or what kind of facilities and equipment you have access to your trainer will create specific training session to meet your current situation while addressing your goals.

Taking part in our Building Blocks program is more than just coming in for a workout; our personal trainers are committed to getting you results and they don't stop after your personal training session is over. This is why we have created our online training centre to ensure that you will always be able to communicate with your personal trainer no matter where you are in the world. It is through both our personal training and online personal training sessions which we create an environment for making the changes necessary for achieving health and fitness success. Together you and your personal trainer will build a relationship that is focused on results, trust, respect, fun and overall success!

No need to hunt around for the latest health and fitness information on the internet. Your personal trainer is your greatest resource, you will have someone real to communicate and connect with. With unlimited online support from your StayFitAnywhere personal trainer you will always have a partner along with you during your health and fitness journey.

Your health and fitness success story is only a click away, Let's Go!

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Online Training Promotes Success

At first I trained with Josh, a SFA trainer, once every 1 or 2 weeks, and for the rest of the week he would post workouts for me through the online training centre. This was very helpful and beneficial as I could do workouts on my own and the online training centre would provide me with detail as to exactly what I was supposed to do for exercises, reminded me how to do them, provide easy to understand cues to ensure I was doing them properly, and included accompanying videos and photos to show me how they are supposed to be done... I feel challenged by each new workout that I am given, continuous progression, and much more confident in the exercises I am doing and how I am doing them. ~ Andrew J.

During my last trip across the UK and South Asia, I was able to log onto the online training centre to access my personal workouts. No matter where in the world I was, I really didn't have any excuse for not working out. When people talk about working out, your first instinct is to think about the gym; but SFA had the ability to deliver workouts to me in any environment, using my body weight and resistance bands or any other piece of equipment I could find. ~ Andy S

It was through this online personal training that I was still able to follow the program and workout while on vacation for a week in San Francisco. ~ Miranda S.

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