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Welcome to StayFitAnywhere!

Are you busy working, trying to make ends meet? Are you running around picking up the kids from day care, shopping for groceries, dropping the kids off at dance class or soccer practice? We know it is a challenge to fit in a workout in your daily routine; we understand from personal experience.

We believe every movement is an exercise. Whether you sit or stand at work, chase after your children around the house, or out shopping, consider yourself exercising. You can reduce body fat, increase lean muscle, improve mental awareness, increase energy, reduce pains and feel healthier. StayFitAnywhere will guide you through simple and effective routines which fit into your tight daily schedule and get you to your goals! We are experts in what we do.

Why you need an expert for your fitness plan?

houseMost of us dream about buying a house.  We envision a comfortable home where we can spend a lifetime. When you start the journey of house hunting, you first walk in, look at the layout and begin visualizing where furniture would be placed, what colour the walls should be, maybe a chandelier over the dining room table, a painting above the fire place and a million other different ideas of how to decorate the bathroom.

We are usually consumed with the cosmetics and what we can see with our naked eye.  We assume the home was built on a solid foundation, the framing was correctly aligned, the floors are levelled, walls are insulated and the roof is leak proof.  Many of us would hire a certified house inspector to make sure this is the case.

Can you really afford not to?

Your body IS your house. 

brokenhouseThrough the years a house settles, the foundation shifts, floors creek, walls crack and we tend to put layers of shingles over old layers on our roof. Similar to our body, joints creek, our movement foundation is lopsided, we sometimes add layers of fat and we settle in to a comfortable routine. This is the time you need the experts to start your body improvements.

Learn from the experts today!




Our Team

Andrew Doe
Vice President

Client Testimonials

Chef Claire
I must admit that I was quite apprehensive walking through the doors the first day a year ago. I was 30lbs heavier and recovering from a frozen shoulder. Under the watchful eye of the StayFitAnywhere team, I flourished and soon realised this was the best thing I had done for myself in a long time (even at 6:00am lol)...read the full testimonial, click view all testimonial button below.
What you don't see here is the top of the beach umbrella. I'm single-handedly driving it into the grass and dirt, so that my gal pals and I can continue to picnic without getting sunburned. Yes, I am in plank: a position I know so well from my 20 weeks of training with Joe. And today, in a week without enough time...read the full testimonial, click view all testimonial button below.
For me, being physically active has always been my meditation and without it I go a little stir crazy. I almost get a nervous tic when I think that I may not be able to go for run, or snowboard, or workout. I have been training with the StayFitAnywhere team for a long time, I can't even remember exactly how...read the full testimonial, click view all testimonial button below.
When I first started training with StayFitAnywhere I was avoiding certain physical activities and exercises due to a painful knee injury. But with great dedication, focus and customized movements and keeping my weekly training sessions I quickly began to take improve on all my movements. Soon I was amazed at how...read the full testimonial, click view all testimonial button below.

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Our Pricing

Building Blocks Online – Standard
4 week program
Personalised Fitness Plan
4 custom workouts, once per week
Online Support
Building Blocks Online – Silver
(most popular)
Holiday Special Only $99
6 week program
Personalised Fitness Plan
One 30min online video/phone consultation
6 custom workouts, once a week for 6 weeks
Nutritional Guidance
Unlimited Online Support
Building Blocks Online – Gold
Holiday Special Only $189

6 week program
Personalised Fitness Plan
Two 30min online video/phone consultation
12 custom workouts, twice a week for 6 week
Nutritional Guidance
Unlimited Online Support


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